To All Brokers Currently Renting Fineberg Companies Apartments,

We have just completed our new web site and part of this extensive project includes a powerful listing tool we developed to make searching for and renting our apartments much easier for brokers.  Below is a detailed description of the features and their use.

To access the Fineberg Companies online listing tool you may use the URL: or you may navigate to the Fineberg Companies website ( and use the broker link at the bottom of each page.

Your username and password are the same as those used to access the old site.

When you login, you will see a message from Fineberg displayed in a window.  The message may be printed by clicking the printer icon in the upper-right.  To clear the message window, click the red X or click anywhere else around the window.   Refreshing the browser brings the message back.

You will now see the availability list for Fineberg Companies apartments.  The default view shows all available units grouped together by building and sorted by apartment number. 

At the top of the page, there are seven menu entries.  At the far left, it displays your username in brackets. 

Next to that is Availability List.  Clicking this brings up the default view.

My Travel List shows all the units that have been saved in your personal list.  Apartments are added to your travel list by clicking the icon to the left of the apartments listing.

User Settings will bring up a window that allows you to change your password and add or edit your email address.

The Forms link brings you to a page where lease addenda and other documents are available for download.

Clicking Help will display this document.

Log off is self explanatory, but if you do not log off manually, the system will automatically log you out at the end of each day.

Clicking the blue headers at the top of each column, sorts those columns in a specific way.

Available sorts by date in ascending order.

Address shows the default view (sorts by building and then apartment number).

City or Neighborhood sorts alphabetically by city or neighborhood respectively.

BDR sorts by number of bedrooms, but lists studios last.

Price sorts by price in ascending order.

At the far left there are two columns of icons.  The first icon is for the travel list that we discussed earlier.  Clicking that adds that apartment to your travel list.  You may store up to 20 apartments.  Clicking My Travel List at the top displays the units in your travel list.  You may delete your travel list by clicking the icon at the top right with the red X in its center.

Clicking the camera icon, next to the travel list icon, will display any photos associated with that unit and building.

Clicking the apartment address itself will open a new browser window and display a Google maps page displaying the location of the building.

A powerful search utility is built into this listing tool.  You can search by availability, city, neighborhood, price, and number of bedrooms. 

You select the search criteria by using the drop down arrow to the right of each field.  The searches are cumulative, for example; if you select February and two bedrooms using the drop down arrows, then only the apartments available in February with two bedrooms will be displayed.

To the far right is a search field which can be used to search for keywords within the listing.  You may also search by address.  For example; if you type "66 ch" in the field and click go only the units at 66 Chiswick Road will be displayed.

At the far right is a column labeled Contact Info.  Contact information for the tenant in an occupied unit is placed there.  If a balloon icon appears in that field and/or the contact information is in bold print that means there are comments regarding the unit.

Floating your pointer over the balloon will display a tooltip window displaying the comments.  In order to see all the comments for all of the apartments at once, you may select the Details View by clicking the drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner. 

A Classic View exists as well, also selected via the drop down arrow, which formats the list to mirror the static list from the old site. 

Below the View field are two more icons that we have not yet discussed. 

The first is the printing icon which prints the current list view displayed.

The icon in the middle is for exporting the currently displayed list to an excel spreadsheet. 

Clicking this icon brings up a dialog box for saving to a comma separated values (.CSV) file.  This file is easily imported into most database programs used for tracking apartment listings.

If this document fails to explain a particular feature to your satisfaction, please feel free to contact us at the Fineberg Companies in Wellesley.  Phone number: 781-239-1480.


Thank You,

Fineberg Management